There exists a myriad of medical and psychological research supporting the beneficial, even healing properties of rhythm activities – specifically drum circles. From this research, drumming has been shown to be a significantly effective activity for numerous populations including those dealing with cancer, Parkinsons, Alzheimers, Autism, addictions, PTSD, as well as the aged.

Recognizing this, Steve Bell has received considerable training in the utilization of drumming as a contributor to wellness. This training has included approaches through which participants feel fully involved in the activity in a non- threatening, inclusive manner. Unity Through Rhythm drum circles are indeed participatory, inclusive events which serve to create deeper connections with others, foster a sense of collaboration, discover the internal rhythm we all possess, and most importantly to be joyful, fun events with participants feeling uplifted, energized, and even joyful. The feeling is that rhythm circles have no spectators – if you’re enjoying the ‘groove,’ you’re involved. In these events, there are no mistakes, only smiles and a commitment to keep-on keepin’ on.  

The use of rhythm and sound empowerment techniques for relaxation and meditation are part of the Unity Through  Rhythm repertoire. These approaches prove effective for all populations, however are particularly powerful for those  facing specific issues indicated above.

Fundamentally, drumming is a known stress reliever. The act of striking a drum in itself serves as a stress reducer. Playing a drum, particularly in a group setting, brings participants into the moment. While drumming, one isn’t concerned with issues that occurred in the past, nor apprehensive about future situations. And being part of a drum circle engenders a sense of connection with others – an attribute particularly beneficial for those suffering emotional issues and senior citizens.  

As only one example of the physiological benefits of drumming, a renowned cancer specialist has led a study which indicated that participation in drumming circles can boost the immune system while actually increasing cancer-killing  cells.

While not examining the full multitude of empirical studies, it can be clearly understood that drum circle participation leaves individuals feeling positive and uplifted --- certainly a contributing factor in wellness. Unity Through Rhythm has presented drum circles at numerous health facilities, senior living centers, schools, and community centers and is proud to consistently attain the stated goal of: participants feeling better upon leaving an event than upon arriving.

Some partner health organizations with which Unity Through Rhythm has worked include: 

Alzheimer's Association | Western New York


National Parkinson Foundation | Western New York